A Monthly Test For Diabetes

The Epinex G1A™ Test: The Key to Better Diabetes Control

* This Product is under development and intended for information and evaluation purposes only. It is NOT APPROVED by the FDA

Epinex Diagnostics: Advancing the Technology of Rapid Diagnostics       Follow Epinex on Twitter

Epinex is founded on the principle of applying expert scientific knowledge and proprietary technology for the benefit of users and the healthcare system. We are dedicated to advancing the technology of rapid diagnostics in order to provide easy access to critical diagnostic information at low cost. Our goal is to enhance patients' quality of life with diagnostic tests at the office, point of care, and over the counter to reduce costs, alleviate patient anxiety, enable earlier therapeutic intervention, and improve patient outcome.

EPINEX PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY Epinex product research has developed a proprietary platform for rapid tests that applies existing immunoassay strips and biosensors to create unique quantitative diagnostic tests. These tests address critical healthcare areas by providing a type and quality of information unobtainable through existing testing methodologies.

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  • Improve measurements of physician performance
  • Encourage outcome-based medicine
  • Reduce number of patient hospital readmissions
  • Improve drug development efficiency
  • Expand in-home care for patients with chronic/long-term illnesses
  • Enhance cost containment